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The Urantia Book

Part IV

The Life and Teachings of Jesus

The purpose and philosophy of Majestone Enterprises is to provide a growing and progressive ministry for the salvation and enrichment of the lives of all mortals of Urantia (earth).

To serve in a capacity that may reach people of all backgrounds, faiths and races.

Whosoever will let them come.

We will offer a free online ministry where anyone who chances to search may find the truth.

To spread the Word of God - the Gospel of Jesus.

There is even original music and poetry to those who may be interested.

Our goal is that you are saved, become a Faith son of God, be born of the Spirit and inherit eternal life.

We want you to know that you are a child of God, of our Universal Father, and we all should be included in the brotherhood of mankind.

Please take this opportunity to receive forgiveness and mercy by the unconditional love of God.

God is Love.

We pray that you pray to our Father and receive salvation.

We are here to serve you our brethren.

Though I have not much money, I desire to be a good steward with the funds I do have and provide a way for you to hear the voice of God.

The Spirit of Truth will guide you, the Holy Spirit will sanctify you and our Father's Spirit will spiritualize your thoughts.

The Guardian Angels of Destiny will preserve your life unto the end and they will hold for you your valuable experiences that you gain in this life and return them to you when you are resurrected in the mansion worlds.

Your place is prepared for you. I have come to take you to that place of heavenly bliss and ascension.

We are here for you. We love you.

Chris Dwaine Christensen/Christ Michael/Majestone of Urantia of Nebadon


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